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How about an adventure tour along the coast of Lofoten?

Boat trip to Reinefjord
Explore the Reinefjord with its side arms Kjerkefjorden and Forsfjorden. Surrounded by beautifull mountains such as Olstind, Seiltind, Helvetestind and Reinebringen. Learn the history of the fishing villages. Experience nature and wildlife at slow speed in one of our former fishing vessels.

Boat Trip to Moskenesstraumen
Sightseeing from Hamnøy to the Moskenes current (Moskenesstraumen). Enjoy the spectacular scenery and wildlife of the Moskenes island. Sailing at slow speed from Hamnøy to the most westerly point of Lofoten, Lofotodden. We’ll cruise in to a few of the bays before Lofotodden, before we head out to Moskenes current, the world’s strongest tidal current in open sea. The mountains and nature are overwhelming. We’ll pass by abandoned fishing villages, and stone age settlements and tell you the history of the traditional life of Lofoten, before we approach the famous and unpredictable maelstrom, the Moskenes current, if weather and conditions permit.

How about becoming fisherman for a day?
Join the local fisherman and catch the real Lofoten cod. The fisherman assisting in the trip are always eager to tell blood-curdling stories about survival in stormy weather, as well as dwell on the legends and superstitions that still live among them. They will take you to the best fishing grounds, and provide you with an insight into their everyday life. You will fish with hand lines. If the weather is fine, and luck is on our side, you might see eagles, cormorants, seals, and maybe even whales. The trips take place in exciting waters with tidal currents and open sea. From the boat, you can see abandoned settlements and fishing villages.

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