A place with history

Eliassen Rorbuer is a holiday resort with fishermen’s cabins, enjoying the longest tradition in the tourist industry in Lofoten. It is situated on the tiny island of Hamnøy in wild and beautiful Western Lofoten, in the Moskenes municipality.

We offer accommodation in traditional fishermen’s cabins (rorbuer), once used by fishermen from all over Norway as accommodation during the world’s biggest annual cod fishing event. Currently the Lofoten Islands are mainly associated with fishing, which takes place from January to April, alongside the entire archipelago.

Most of the cabins have been fully renovated and adjusted to the needs of numerous tourists coming from all over the world to visit Lofoten. The genuine character and décor of the cabins remind visitors of their original use. They feature one or two bedrooms with new furnishing, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and veranda. Many of the cabins have breathtaking views of the spectacular fiord of Reinefjord, steep mountains and the picturesque harbour of Hamnøy.


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Our cosy restaurant with bar located in the heart of fishing village of Hamnøy is now being under significant renovation. It will be reopened in May 2020.
We use fresh local ingredients to ensure high quality of the food. The menu offers variety of dishes with some new twist. The food is served inan informal and warm atmosphere and you can chat with our kitchen chef about the place and cuisine. The fish, quite naturally, are a main feature of the Norwegian cuisine, and they are served according to a wide variety of recipes. The Arctic menu has both traditional as well as more exotic dishes to offer. Any visitor staying for longer will learn to appreciate the taste of stockfish, fried cod tongues, fish cakes, baccalao or fish soup. Restaurant serves food made from local ingredients that is prepared with passion and respect of tradition with an Italian touch. Our guest will be welcomed in a warm and historical ambient located in the charming island Hamnøy. We have a plate for everyone and a personal service where everyone is welcome.



Comfortable, spacious lodge in possibly the most beautiful location in the world! Book it now. As close to perfect as you are likely to get.


If you want the best place to stay in the Lofoten Islands then you are at the right place. The small houses are probably the most photographed houses in the Lofoten island and in Norway. Warm decorated , in a strict Scandinavian style which is minimal and homy. Most of the things that you will need for the few days you will stay there are in the house.


Perfect location to visit Moskenesoya (south part of the Lofoten, the wildest). Perfect cabins to enjoy the scenery after a nice day of walk or hike, get warm and cook. Don’t miss Eliassen Rorbuer, you’ll live in a postcard!