Elijazzen Festival 2015

Welcome to the Elijazzen Festival! Feelgood jazzfestival  30.04-02.05.2015 at Eliassen Rorbuer - Hamnøy, Lofoten Islands. Our program Tickets at the entrance For more information contact Eirik Bræin Gikling +47 90561990 or eirik@farout.no Visit www.rorbuer.no for accommodation. Krambua Restaurant is open.  Welcome Sponsor: FAROUT, ...

There is a place on Earth where the Sun never sets, the Northern lights never cease to amaze, and the landscape changes constantly, the wind never stops blowing and the people always smile. These are the Lofoten. Eliassen Rorbuer is a holiday resort with fishermen’s cabins, enjoying the longest tradition in the tourist industry in Lofoten. We offer  accommodation in a traditional fishermen’s cabin camp, in the most beautiful western part of the Lofoten Islands. It is situated on the tiny island of Hamnøy in Western Lofoten, the Moskenes municipality. The island is the last one in the archipelago to have the road link. Currently the Lofoten Islands are mainly associated with fishing, which takes place from January to April, alongside the entire archipelago. All of our cabins are new renovated and got a new floor, kitchen, bathroom and furnishings. Welcome to refreshed Eliassen Rorbuer!

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