Spectacular nature, silence, midnight sun, northern light, storm, breathtaking sea and mountain view, fishing boats and fishermen’s cabin - the genuine Lofoten atmosphere is right here. 

    Welcome to Eliassen Rorbuer - a holiday resort with 35 fishermen’s cabins, restaurant and activity centre. Eliassen Rorbuer is situated on the tiny island of Hamnøy by the spectacular fiord of Reinefjord, in the wild and beautiful western part of Lofoten, nearby Reine. The fishermen’s cabins are renovated and have one or two bedrooms, full equipped kitchen, big living and dinning room with comfortable furniture, bathroom with shower and high speed free WiFi access


    The fishermen’s cabins were once used by fishermen from all over Norway as accommodation during the world’s biggest annual cod fishing event. The oldest are from 1890. Currently the Lofoten Islands are mainly associated with fishing, which takes place from January to April, alongside the entire archipelago. 

    Most of the cabins have been fully renovated and adjusted to the needs of numerous tourists coming from all over the world to visit Lofoten. The genuine character and décor of the cabins remind visitors of their original use. 

    In our tiny fishing village of Hamnøy you can still experience Lofoten Fishery and try high quality local food in Krambua Restaurant.


    Rent a boat on Hamnøy and catch your own fish or rent a bike and explore the islands on your own. 

    Join for plenty of outdoor activities with local organisers. Chase the Northern Light, enjoy the Midnight Sun, catch big fish with local fisherman, paddle kayak, surf, kite, dive, snorkel, climb Lofoten mountains and take  thousands of amazing pictures. Have an unforgettable experience in Lofoten Islands!


    People say that whoever visited the Lofoten, must have got the bug, and is certain to return here. It is indeed difficult not to reminisce on the spectacular views of the sea, the mountains and the fiords, and all at the same time. Each visitor, on whom nature bestowed a little sensitivity, will appreciate the unspoiled beauty of the northern reaches of Norway.